Day #2

Affirmation: I am more than the sum of my mistakes.

“All the mistakes teach us something, so there are, in reality, no mistakes, just things we learn.” – Nikki Giovanni

Are there mistakes that you have made that you are still holding onto?

One thing I had been holding on to is the idea that I should have chosen to be with someone who I really cared about, but instead went back to someone who was comfortable, who I thought was my soulmate even though I knew that person was not good for me. And still years later, I wonder what if. But I’m also wise enough to know that there are no regrets. This is the path that was meant for me.

What steps can you take today to forgive yourself for those mistakes?

I don’t know that there are steps I can take now. I believe that I have forgiven myself. Grace. It’s all about grace. I think I was trying to hold on to this person because I recognize the error of my ways. I attempted to hold onto, rekindle the relationship. I was attempting a do-over. For so many years I thought that he was the person who got away and I had in my mind that we could make it right. What I’ve learned is that I cannot go back. I just have to keep moving forward, moving forward to new experiences and hoping that I will take what I’ve learned and apply it to my life.

What lessons can you learn from the mistakes you made in the past in order to be your best self today?

Again I have to continue to give myself the same grace that I very freely give to the people I love. I deserve it. These “mistakes” are simply experiences that help to shape who I am, and encourage me on my path to continue to grow, thrive, and to be my best self. If nothing else, I am learning to be kind to myself, to not beat myself up over past decisions I’ve mad.