I make all these plans, buy all the notebooks and journals, have all of these ideas that I cannot wait to get out. All of these plans to write, but they’re only just that. Plans. I am afraid to write. I am afraid I’m not good at it. How could I love reading other people’s words and not at least give it a try? I become paralyzed by the thought of being AWFUL at it. It’s probably my worst fear. Meanwhile, time is just passing me by. I’m so good at telling people to go after what they desire, to follow their passions. And here I am suffocated by my negative self-talk.

Knowing is half the battle, right? I’m working on it. :-/


Hmmmm…5 Random Things About Me

1. I am finishing my 23rd year as an English teacher. How time flies!
2. I LOVE the theatre and try to attend plays as often as I can.
3. I really want to learn ballroom dance, but I’m pretty sure you need a partner for that! 🙂
4. I feel like I’m supposed to be a runner, but every time I start I’m reminded how much I actually hate it. 
5. I have an 11 year old son and he is my absolute favorite person to hang out with. It makes me a bit sad that probably some time soon he won’t want to hang out with his mom.