Things I Love

Here’s a short list of the things I’m loving right now (in no particular order)

  1. Avocado Toast – Where have I been? I’ve see people post pictures of it on Instagram and thought it’d be nice to try since I love avocado. Well, this weekend I finally gave it a try. This could end up being a very bad thing. I love it so much! YUM!
  2. . My Apple Watch – I knew I’d like it, but had no idea how much. It really keeps me accountable for movement throughout the day. I’m almost always pretty good at getting 10,000 steps in each day and standing at least once for 12 hours. I know I wouldn’t do this on my own.
  3. Dear Sugar Radio – This is my favorite podcast of the moment. I listen to it every Thursday after work on my drive to class. Such good advice. It really is a gem.
  4. Korean Dramas – I discovered them one weekend when I couldn’t sleep. I was browsing for something to binge watch on Hulu. The first drama I watched was Operation Proposal. That was back in 2012, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m currently watching Jealousy Incarnate starring Kong Hyo-Jin. She is one of my favorite actresses.

How to Online Date

That title is misleading. I have no idea what to do. I’ve been toying with online dating for about 6 years. I think I’ve tried all of the popular sites. How do you determine success? A date? A relationship? Well, if we judge by getting a date I’ve been successful. Relationship – not so much. I’d like to be in a relationship, but I haven’t met anyone I’m willing to be in a relationship with. I know I’m still gun shy after my divorce. I just don’t want to make another big mistake. And yes, I consider my past marriage a mistake. I don’t regret it happening because from it, I have my son. But there were all sorts of warning signs that said DON’T DO IT! Anyway…it’s hard. To put yourself out there. And let’s be honest. It’s all about the pictures. That’s what initially draws a person to read your profile. And sometimes (most times) I don’t think guys read profiles. Maybe I’m exaggerating. If I get to the point of communication and I don’t think the guy is crazy, I’ll exchange numbers. if the conversation goes well, I’m initially open to meeting. But what usually happens after this is I’ll find something(s) wrong and talk myself out of meeting the guy. I’m trying to go with the flow, but it’s just not my personality. I know I can’t control everything, but I don’t want to waste my time dating if it’s not going to be worthwhile. I’ll figure it out eventually. Maybe.