Growing Up

My son has opted not to play Fall Soccer and instead try basketball. Today was an introductory practice with registration to follow next week. It was agreed that he’d give practice a try and if he liked it, we’d move forward with registering. When we arrived at the gym, all of the boys were in the upper grades. Although all of the faces were familiar from school, he didn’t see any of his 4th grade friends. The coach assured me it was okay to leave him and to pick him up at noon. K looked at me with wide eyes that were screaming “don’t leave!”. For more than a second I thought I should stay. Then I reminded myself this was a safe place and he needs to adapt to unfamiliar situations. This would be a great learning experience for both of us since I’m trying to balance being a nurturing mother without being overprotective. I assured K he would be fine and that I’d be back just before 12.

When I returned, I arrived just in time to see him dribble the ball and make the shot! It was a good day.